Soak up the sun and plunge into fresh waters on Lake Huron’s best beaches

Something special happens to the human spirit when Lake Huron waves brush beaches in perfectly-timed succession. It reveals your playfulness to others and releases peace inside that few other experiences match.

Beyond compare

With Lake Huron on the west and Georgian Bay on the east, Bruce County is endowed with lots of beaches! However, it’s not the quantity of beaches that’s intriguing as it is the fantastical diversity. On the Lake Huron side, where the water is warm and the shore is sandy, there are gorgeous, long strands, action-packed hangouts, and quiet, shallow coves. On the rocky Georgian Bay side, the water is cold and emerald in colour with long flat ledges, sea caves and pockets of big boulders.

Come explore and find your favourite beach this summer!

Everybody loves the beach; kids, seniors, parents, teenagers. What’s not to love? Sun + sand + water = fun. And the Bruce boasts some of the best beaches in the province, if not the country. While everybody and their grandmother has heard of Sauble Beach (which is an incredible place), with a little exploration, Bruce County, sandwiched between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, will give up some amazing gems.

Station Beach

Station Beach in downtown Kincardine has it all; boardwalks, playgrounds, sandy beaches, waves, piers, and more. Amazing for little ones, this sandy beach has a nice gradual slope into Lake Huron that any age can enjoy. Tiny Tot Park just north of the pier is an amazing place for the kids to expend some energy and a boardwalk along the shoreline is a great place for a slow stroll or a jog. With co-ed beach volleyball every Friday night during the summer, Station Beach is always happening. And since it’s situated right downtown Kincardine, all the amenities of that great town are a short walk away.


This unique beach stretches for kilometers along the Lake Huron shoreline and is protected by the Fishing Islands. When you get to the tiny intersection of Oliphant, you can go right or left, there’s beach in both directions. The water is knee-deep for about as far as you can see, so young kids absolutely love playing here. There’s simply so much to explore, whether in the water or along the sand, that you’ll instantly love Oliphant. And if there’s wind, you’ll get to see the colourful kites of the kiteboarders as they skim along the top of the water.

Port Elgin

The big beach at Port Elgin is a great place to beat the summer heat. With an expansive sandy beach, there is tons of parking, and tons of space to spread out your beach towel, put up a sunshade and just chill. With washroom and change facilities, plus all the amenities of Port Elgin itself, the beach at Port Elgin is a favourite of tourists and locals alike.

Black Creek Provincial Park

The locals call this Sandy Beach. Escaping the masses in Tobermory, isn’t that difficult if you know where to go; and the beach at Sandy Beach is one of those places. This is a lovely little place to enjoy a refreshing dip. While the beach itself isn’t your traditional sandy beach, the forest and trails provides plenty of entertainment for really young ones. They simply won’t want to leave.

Sauble Beach

Two men standing on the beach holding Paddle Boards

The world’s second-longest freshwater beach is located right here in Bruce County! At 11 km long, Sauble Beach Main Beach will not only leave visitors with fluffy sand between their toes, lots of space to throw a frisbee with friends, and beautiful beach shoreline to explore, but a lasting special feeling in part due to the vibrant local community, its downtown, and unique businesses to explore.

Lake Huron Beaches

With the entire west side of Bruce County abutting Lake Huron, it should come to no surprise that there are some spectacular white sandy beaches sprinkled about, including Sauble Beach. From beach towns to a hidden gem, we’ve got a spot on the beach for you.

Georgian Bay Beaches

Less on the sandy side, and more on the rocky side, these beaches run along the east side of the Peninsula. Showcasing some of the tropical waters of Georgian Bay and the dramatic cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, these beaches are a must see! These beaches tend to run a few degrees cooler than their Lake Huron counterparts – so while they look tropical a quick dip will remind you that we are in Canada.

Lion’s Head

Mid way up the Peninsula you’ll see an adorable town with some impressive natural aspects. Not only will you find boutique shops, scrumptious meals and a welcoming community, but also a beach with a spectacular view. With the Escarpment in the background, a picturesque lighthouse and turqoise water as far as they eye can see, Lion’s Head Beach is one you don’t want to miss.

These beaches are only just the start of Bruce County’s waterfront experience. The expanse of water and sand neighbours entire villages of quaint shops, unique eateries and soon-to-be friends. Welcome to where we live…

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