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Beyond compare.

Something special happens to the human spirit when Lake Huron waves brush beaches in perfectly-timed succession. It reveals your playfulness to others and releases peace inside that few other experiences match.

That’s only just the start of Bruce County’s Lakeshore experience. The expanse of water and sand, neighbours, and entire villages of quaint shops, unique eateries and soon-to-be friends. Welcome to where we live...

Intriguing diversity.

With a Lake Huron on the west and Georgian Bay on the east, Bruce County is endowed with lots of beaches! However, it’s not the quantity of beaches that’s intriguing as it is the fantastical diversity. On the Lake Huron side, where the water is warm and the shore is sandy, there are gorgeous, long strands, action-packed hangouts, and quiet, shallow coves. On the rocky Georgian Bay side, where the water is cold and emerald in colour with long flat ledges, sea caves and pockets of big boulders.

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