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Interior Exploration for the Whole Family

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Time for a Family Adventure?

There is no shortage of things to do in the breadbasket – Bruce County’s interior region. Start your day with a family hike and snack break beside the beautiful Saugeen River. Stop by one of our small-town museums and learn how our pioneering womenfolk made breakfast. Have lunch at an artisanal bakery. Curious about where your food comes from? Show your kids that chickens don’t come in a Styrofoam container at the grocery store. Get your hands dirty as you explore places that grow the foods you eat. Spend the afternoon chasing ice cream. Take a ride on a trolley. Your kids will be so busy exploring and discovering, they’ll forget all about their digital devices and live in the moment.

Treasure Chest Museum, Paisley

Tucked away on Paisley’s main street is a museum dedicated to preserving Paisley’s local history. When you walk in the door, you’re immediately sent back in time to another era. Glass cases filled with memorabilia, china and mementos from the past are plentiful. But the real fun starts as you explore the larger rooms that are filled with all kinds of homesteading and agricultural antiquities. Find out how people lived before indoor plumbing and electricity. See what primitive farm tools used to look like. Marvel at the area’s first ‘refrigerator’ – a vault-like box that was used to hold a block of ice. Upstairs there is a marvelous selection of kitchenware, turn-of-the-century ladies wear and military uniforms. If it’s not busy, ask if the kids can dress the mannequins.

The Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trailâ„¢, Ripley

Find some family togetherness on a fun-filled photo scavenger hunt that takes you to ice cream shops along a trail past golf courses, parks, a poll and a splash pad. Make a day of it or do it a little at a time. Explore the towns of Point Clark, Lucknow and Ripley as you stop for lunch or, pack a bathing suit and a picnic, and delight in a picture-postcard perfect day at the beach, pool or splash pad.

Bruce Botanical Food Gardens, Ripley

A food adventure that’s uniquely Canadian. Reconnect your family to the food we take for granted. There’s much to learn about sustainable agriculture and the issues facing small family farms. Discover issues of food insecurity and get a real hands-on experience. Here, you’ll explore over 250 varieties of rare, endangered, heirloom and world food plants - over 10,000 plants in all with more coming every year. Learn about ancient plants and plants with crazy names. This non-profit organization promises a truly unique experience.

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