Glass Bottom Boat Tours to Flowerpot Island

Northern Bruce County is more than just the place to go to see the Grotto…Take a ride on one of the Glass Bottom Boats and bear witness to shipwrecks that are a divers paradise or see the rock formations that have been created – and are the reason its called Flowerpot Island.

See the 8th wonder of Canada from the water

Located at tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Flowerpot Island is a scuba diver’s paradise, an explorer’s dream and a family’s memorable vacation.

Flowerpot Island is located in Fathom Five National Marine Park, 6.5 kilometres off the shore of Tobermory and is only accessible by boat. Blue Heron Cruises and Bruce Anchor Cruises are the only two private boat tour companies that make multiple trips daily, beginning in the spring until mid-fall.

Flowerpot Island

Both companies feature glass bottom boat tours that explore some of the shipwrecks laying just beneath the surface in Big Tub Harbour and share the history of those shipwrecks as you embark on the journey to Flowerpot Island.

Flowerpot Island gets it’s name from the two natural “flowerpot” rock pillars. Here you can explore the flowerpots, caves, historic light station and ancient cedars, some over 750 years old! To scope out all of the beauty on the island, it is recommended to plan for at least five hours. And remember to wear running shoes or hiking footwear; rugged terrain ahead for the adventurous.
To learn what you can expect during your boat tour to Flowerpot Island, read more here.