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A Perfect Day at Home in Port Elgin

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A Perfect Day in Port Elgin
A Perfect Day in Port Elgin

The Bucklands aren't from Port Elgin. The couple moved to the area from Burlington years ago. Before kids. They didn't really know about Bruce County but they were up for exploring somewhere new. 

"It was by chance," says Will Buckland. "Then we realized that it's an unbelievable place to live. We wouldn't want to move anywhere else in Ontario." 

Having it All
Having it All

Now, on a Saturday in February, they have it all; three kids, a skating rink in the backyard, a firepit and a hot tub. They live in a safe community where you can confidently let your kids explore the neighbourhood, without worrying about traffic or other unseen dangers.   

While Will, the active, keen dad is busy shovelling the rink, the kids are lacing up skates. The rink is complete with a net, lights and a snowfence as a backboard. It's the perfect place for the kids to burn off energy. And to stay connected. Even mom is lacing up.  

"You would never catch me outside in the city in any winter month," says Deanna, laughing. "Here I'll go tobogganing, I'll go skating, I'll go for walks and hikes. We're outside way more than we would ever be in the city. We do a lot of stuff together. I think I'm more active than I've ever been." 

As the kids get on the rink they begin shooting on the net and battling for the puck. It's an inspiring scene. It's good old fashioned Canadian family fun. And with a pathway that leads right past their house to the 3.4 kilometre Biener Trail loop, there's a steady traffic of neighbours and fellow Bruce County explorers. These chance encounters often turn into play dates, pickup games of hockey, or evening plans.  

"We know a lot of people here and it's a community where you're taking care of people's kids and they're taking care of your kids," says Will. "So you feel more secure in that type of atmosphere." 

Scenic Beauty Right In Your Backyard

When Will lights up the bonfire, complete with a hanging roasting pan for sausages and veggies, it's hard to believe it's the middle of February. It's almost like camping. 

Port Elgin, along with the entire Bruce County region, is filled with scenic beauty that's ripe for exploration. There are three provincial parks within 20 minutes of town. And in the summer months the white sand beaches seem to stretch forever along the shores of Lake Huron. The world-renowned Bruce Peninsula is filled with stunning natural beauty. Plus, the growing culinary scene sees restaurants serving recipes that feature ingredients grown right down the road. It's not just a summer destination anymore. It's a place to move to. A place to spend a lifetime exploring. The Bucklands are amongst a growing number of families doing just that. And when asked who should consider the move, they're pretty clear.   

"Anyone that likes the outdoors, wants to know their neighbours and wants to live life on their own terms should move here," says Deanna. 

As we hike from their backyard to the public Biener trails, the kids jump on their sleds and slide down the snowy hills alongside the trail. It's a perfect day of quality family time. And it's obvious the couple has no regrets about moving here. When asked if they'll be moving back to Burlington, the answer is a resounding, "heck no."