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Fall in Lion's Head, Ontario

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Hiking & Trails
Hiking & Trails

With plenty of incredible trails nearby, your only dilemma will be choosing where to go first. Head to Bannister's Hill Side Trail, which is part of the Bruce Trail, offering an easy access to the top of these stunning limestone cliffs and a 1km loop where you can catch amazing views of Isthmus Bay and return to the main trail. Enter the trail at the end of Bruin St., just north of Lion's Head Marina, where you can look through the Lion's Head Sign and try to find the outline of a Lion's Head yourself!  

Downtown Lion’s Head: Serenity on Bruce Peninsula

Located just off the busy highway, within one of the most dramatic landscape features of the County, the rugged cliffs coupled with the warm hospitable local flavour define this community, making downtown Lion's head the perfect vacation retreat. Spend your days exploring the beauty of the escarpment, taking a stroll through all the local downtown shops and eateries and finish off your journey under the dark sky lit up by beautiful bright constellations you'd couldn't see anywhere else! 

Whether it's the dramatic setting inspiring creativity, the renewed energy found after a deep night's sleep under the dark skies, or the locals making you feel at home with their warm hospitality, enjoy the peace and become one with nature. Your masterpiece is waiting for you in Lion's Head.  

Watch our Lion's Head video on Youtube. 

Mountain Biking

Although summer is coming to an end, it doesn't mean your mountain biking season has to! See the beautiful fall colours come alive right before your eyes as you feel the wind through your hair while you pin it down the trail in a perfect line. Only a short distance from Lion's Head, visit the Lindsay Mountain Biking Tract just off Highway 6, consisting of 15km worth of amazing trails suitable for all varieties of experienced bikers. Enjoy a less crowded tract, perfect trail conditions and cooler weather to make this mountain biking season one of the best.  

Remember to download our Mountain Biking Map and click here to learn more about Mountain Biking the Bruce. 

Devil's Monument

Check out one of the largest flowerpot formations of the Bruce Peninsula at the Devil's Monument Trail and enjoy the breathtaking views of Georgian Bay contrasted by the stunning fall colours. Park at the end of Borchardt Rd. at the Bruce Trail lot and start your journey on the Minhinnick side trail or Bruce trail. Don't forget to pack a lunch and enjoy a waterfront picnic when you take the trail and stairs down to the gorgeous rocky beach overlooking Georgian Bay. A perfect adventure for a cool fall day! 

Lion's Head Provincial Park

Ever seen a natural pothole in real life? Follow the Bruce Trail to Lion's Head Provincial Nature Reserve, where you'll find multiple potholes in the rock formations and beautiful scenic escarpment views. These unusual geological formations are reminders of the sheer power of glaciers and offer some of the best selfie spots this fall. With parking only available at the McCurdy Dr. parkette, be sure to come early with your best hiking gear to have the hike of a lifetime! 

White Bluffs

Located within the Smokey Head White Bluffs Nature Reserve, the White Bluff loop offers three different looped trails with incredible views of Isthmus Bay. This stunning landmark can be easily recognized with it's layers of primitive white rock and craggy cliff towering over the water, making it a must see on your fall hiking adventures.   

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