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Fall in Mildmay & Teeswater, Ontario

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Geocaching is a way to bring your technology with you in a way that enhances your experience and helps you engage with your surroundings, rather than tune out of them. Just download the free geocaching app and go on a treasure hunt, giving you an unconventional but entertaining way to explore Mildmay and Teeswater. 

Mountain Biking

Mildmay is home to the Carrick Mountain Biking Tract, hard-packed and fast with all the adrenaline rush you could want. The Carrick Tract is fantastic since it is suitable for all levels of biker, whether you're a complete newbie or you've been out on the trails for years. The trails are varied enough to make the experience fun for anybody.  

Local Parks

Throughout the South Bruce region, you can find loads of multi-use parks that feature fountains, splash pads, walking trails, and playgrounds which make them the perfect place to spend your day with the family.  

Mildmay Rotary Park is located at the junction of Highway 9 and Bruce Road 3. This picturesque area is distinguished by the artesian well where you can grab a sip of refreshing, fresh spring water no matter the time of day. Check out the Mildmay Lion's Wilderness Park as well, which goes through an old mill site and serves as the area's access point to the Bruce County Rail Trail. 

Stroll the downtowns

German heritage is what awaits you in downtown Mildmay. As you stroll past the shops that have made their home in Mildmay for generations and restaurants that will inspire and enlighten your tastebuds, you'll fall in love with the town's unique history and atmosphere. In towns like Teeswater and Formosa you'll be able to connect with the rural countryside lifestyle. Don't be surprised when you're sitting outside a coffee shop watching tractors pull up and grab a cup as well.