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3,543 kms of fresh water - sunsets daily

The sun rises, dimming the stars. It ignites a tantalizing start to a perfect Bruce County Lakeshore experience. When you search out your playful side on our sandy beaches, you'll rediscover your own inner child jumping perfectly timed waves as your family shrieks with laughter. Find a sense of peace that only the rhythmic sound of the lake can bring. Along this majestic expanse of water and sand lie quaint villages and shops. They tease and tantalize, with unique eateries and soon-to-be-friends that lure you from the shore. You return at sunset, for what is always the most spectacular salute to a day that has been very well spent.

Communities to Visit on the Lakeshore:
Sauble Beach

The Retro Beach

Some collect driftwood. Others collect memories. Seek out classic relaxation removed from modern times. The world’s second longest sandy beach anchors long sunny days and starry nights. Close your eyes and listen to the waves or have your eyes opened to the delightful array of shops, treats and old-fashioned family fun on Main Street. Rent a bike. Ride the waves. Hike the falls or discover a good book. There’s a different speed for everyone at Sauble.


Master the Art of Strolling

Whether you’re in fancy heels or flip flops, a walk down High Street will fulfill what you seek. Fill your shopping bag. Indulge your inner gourmet. Linger over a sumptuous meal. Lake Huron’s gentle breezes beckon, the beach a perfect spot for a good book or a nap. Explore as you forge a new path on the boardwalk and discover the charm of the Chantry Island Lighthouse. Once here, you may not want to sit still for long.

Port Elgin


You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate in Port Elgin. Because you’re here … is good enough. In the great company of friends, or surrounded by family, raise a pint or uncover the perfect gift. Step out for dinner, or a night on the town. Drink it all in. And when your heart is full, so is your spirit. You’ll always find good cheer in Port Elgin.


Ontario Scottish Destination

Discover your inner tartan, where an original Scottish experience awaits. Explore Scottish-themed festivals. Marvel in the excitement of a pipe band parade. Kincardine’s historic downtown, with its unique shops and restaurants will ignite your curiosity and your taste buds. After a delightful respite, stroll alongside the mighty Lake Huron … you just might hear phantom pipers play. The essence of the Scots is yours to explore in Kincardine.