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Reshape Your Life; Move to Bruce County 

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Finding Home
Finding Home

It's easy to take the simple parts of life for granted. In the big city we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and don't take time to breathe deep, take in the sunset, and slow down. 

If you've ever spent time in Bruce County, you know it's one of the most beautiful areas in the province. The natural wonders stretch from shore to shore, from the amazing beaches along Lake Huron to the  Bruce Peninsula cliffs plunging dramatically into Georgian Bay. The towns and villages are quaint and inviting. The winter is just as beautiful with a thick blanket of snow covering the pristine wilderness. And every time you visit, you think to yourself, "do we really have to go back to the city?" 

Do you?

Communities like Kincardine, Port Elgin and Walkerton are thriving with business innovation and opportunity. The energy sector here in Bruce County creates a huge number of jobs, but it also supports all the tertiary industries that come with it, like childcare, trades, services, and more.  

"There is constant growth over the next couple of years," says Will Buckland, a local that moved to Port Elgin from Burlington, ON. "Even around our area, you can tell the town is growing. It's a healthy community. The opportunities for people to come and work in the tech or tourism sector are endless. Young people looking for a job in that industry, or even many other industries can have an incredible wage here. For people that want to start their own business, there's lots of room for entrepreneurs too." 


Plus, the real estate market is more realistic than in the GTA; it's possible to enter the market without being a millionaire.  


Where city folk spend one-to-three hours in a car every day (that's up to 15 hours a work week!), around here, you'll be surprised when you have to wait for five minutes at some road construction. And if you do have to drive for an hour to work, you'll be cruising through farm fields on the road less travelled with epic scenery and meditative beauty.  


Not to mention how open and inviting the community is. These communities welcome newcomers of all ages and demographics.  


"The community is very friendly," says Markham transplant Sada Naqvi. "It's not cliquey and it's easy to make friends. I know every other person on my street. It's a friendly atmosphere. It's such a different vibe. It's a community. Much more than the rat race people end up in the city, where you're working all the time." 


Those who chose a life in small town Bruce County will tell you just how much their work-life and family balance improved when they moved. They'll describe how the community is tight-knit and caring. They'll praise that it's a great place to raise kids, start a business, or start a career. They'll tell you summers are incredible and feel like a vacation every day. They'll say winters are limitless fun with an endless number of activities close at hand.  

And they'll tell you they wouldn't want to live anywhere else. 

But don't take our word for it. Just ask yourself this, don't you deserve to love where you live?