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Winter in Mildmay and Area

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Fat Biking

The Carrick Mountain Biking Tract filled with snow is just as fun as the warmer months when you try out fat biking. With larger wheels for better traction, you can bike through the woods and have a winter thrill ride. Check out where you can rent your bike and hit the trails. 


The Bruce County Rail Trail is a fantastic stretch to go snowmobiling this winter. Stretching all the way from Mildmay up to Paisley and across to Kincardine, the 80km stretch of trail provides a thoroughfare for snowmobiles in the winter. The Mildmay and Teeswater area offers many side trails you can explore as well.  

Be sure to visit ofsc.on.ca to locate parking and purchase your trail pass. Purchasing a permit is imperative to fund trail maintenance and ensure the trails are safe and enjoyable for all riders. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) also provides an interactive map of all Ontario trails, which works great to plan your trip to Bruce County. 


Geocaching is a way to bring your technology with you in a way that enhances your experience and helps you engage with your surroundings, rather than tune out of them. Just download the free geocaching app and go on a treasure hunt, giving you an unconventional but entertaining way to explore Mildmay and Teeswater. No matter the season you're able to enjoy geocaching, and winter provides a whole new experience and challenge for you to try out. 

Downtown Mildmay

German heritage is what awaits you in downtown Mildmay. In the winter the town takes on a cozy atmosphere where every shop or restaurant offers a new experience away from the cold and into the company and kindness of the locals. Mildmay's array of German-inspired shops are sure to transport you and your senses, so make sure you include them in your trip this winter.