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Winter in Tobermory, Ontario

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The 8th Wonder of Canada

Where water and land meet sky, Tobermory earned its spot as the 8th wonder of Canada with its captivating natural features and flavourful harbour community. Check out the two National Parks, Fathom Five National Marine Park and the Bruce Peninsula National Park, and see what they're known for. Or, enjoy the many attractions the downtown has to offer. Your first impression is breathtaking, your last is unforgettable.  


Rev up your sleds this winter and head to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula to Tobermory and experience endless kilometers of pure beauty, whilst riding through dense bush trails to many scenic lookout points along the Niagara Escarpment. Keep in mind to conserve Ontario's last frontier and leave tracks, not trash and stay on the trail! 

Be sure to visit ofsc.on.ca to locate parking and purchase your trail pass. Purchasing a permit is imperative to fund trail maintenance and ensure the trails are safe and enjoyable for all riders. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) also provides an interactive map of all Ontario trails, which works great to plan your trip to Bruce County.  

Snowshoeing in Tobermory

Indulge your senses this winter with a snowshoe expedition through the Bruce Peninsula National Park to the famous Grotto. This winter is the perfect season to take in the beauty of this natural landmark without the large crowds of the summer. Trek through the forest trails to emerge atop the rugged limestone cliffs lining the coast of Georgian Bay and experience a once in a lifetime glimpse of the ice-sheathed waters and snow-covered rock faces. Whether you take a self-guided tour through sections of the Bruce Trail, or book a guided snowshoe adventure through EcoAdventures, be sure to bundle up and wear comfortable, warm boots for your snowshoes as the trails are not maintained during this off-peak season.  

For more information about snowshoeing in Tobermory, click here

Fat Biking: A Winter Wonderland Adventure

Although fall is coming to an end, it doesn't mean your mountain biking season has to! Super wide tires are here to stay and provide excellent support in conditions that are not typically suitable for Mountain Bikes. Create your own adventure on two wheels this winter with Fat Biking.  

Watch the glistening white snow brighten up the trees as you feel the wind through your hair while you pin it down the trail in a perfect line. Only a short distance from Tobermory, visit the Lindsay Mountain Biking Tract just off Highway 6, consisting of 15km worth of amazing trails suitable for all varieties of experienced bikers.  

Remember to download our Mountain Biking Map and click here to learn more about Mountain Biking the Bruce

Downtown Tobermory

Whether you're waiting stopping through during your snowmobiling journey or need somewhere to stop for a winter picnic, be sure to stop and shop downtown Tobermory. With a delightful amount of culinary options, you'll be able to find something for everyone, and more! Comb through the small town as its lit up by a blanket of snow and take in the beautiful scenery of frozen Georgian Bay, downtown Tobermory - a Winter Wonderland.