Bruce County Towns

Explore with us - the Towns and Villages of Bruce County

Bruce County Towns

From Tobermory to Kincardine and Walkerton, there's a whole new world for you to discover in between. Here we explore farm life in the morning, beach life in the afternoon and bright starry skies all night long. Bruce County is where those roads less travelled become a journey: in life, in our work, in our communities, and in how we spend our days together.

Where will the road less travelled take you today?

The Peninsula

The Bruce Peninsula is waiting for you to discover. With quaint communities, 2 National Parks, and stunning water views, this is the perfect spot for your next vacation.  Read More


The sun rises, dimming the stars. It ignites a tantalizing start to a perfect Bruce County Lakeshore experience. When you search out your playful side on our sandy beaches, you'll rediscover your own inner child jumping perfectly timed waves as your family shrieks with laughter. Read More

Agricultural Heritage

Those with a taste for curiosity find there is much to explore in the southern interior of Bruce County’s breadbasket region. With over 1,455 family farms, you’ll rekindle the art of living well. The freshest veggies, baking and unique cheeses satisfy every palate, every craving. Here the craft is in the making. Read More