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Cape Croker Lighthouse
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The Cape Croker lighthouse was originally built in 1898, but was quickly replaced in 1902 with the present octagonal lighthouse, built for stronger enforcement. The lighthouse was the first of its kind, and was also the first to boast an electrically operated light and foghorn. From top to bottom it measures 18 metres (53 feet), with a Fresnel lens imported from France, casting a light  15 miles into the dark waters of Georgian Bay. The lighthouse is not available for tours, but can be viewed and photographed. Cape Croker is home to the Chippewas of Nawash.

The first lighthouse to exist on site was a wooden structure,  built in 1898 at the northern entrance to Colpoy’s Bay, 1-1/2 miles southeast of Cape Croker. At the time, weights were used to rotate the light to warn incoming fishermen and sailors. Also on site was a 5-bedroom home, which housed the light keeper and his family.

The last light keeper to watch over the lighthouse signed the log book for the final time in 1986, leaving the lighthouse unmanned.