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Jackson's Cove
Lion's Head, Ontario
  • Jacksons Cove - On the way in!
  • Jacksons Cove
  • Jacksons Cove
  • Jacksons Cove
  • Jacksons Cove

If variety is the spice of life, you’ll explore a lot of visual flavor on the White Blazes of the Bruce main trail heading towards Jackson Cove Lookout Side Trail. On your way, discover a view for everyone. One minute you’ll be traversing the trail along the escarpment edge and in the next minute, you’ll be on the beach marveling at the crystal-clear water.

Minutes later you’ll be marching across a field, then you’ll hit the forest, then a riverbed – there’s an ever-changing variety of terrain and viewpoint on this hike. The Jackson Cove Lookout Side Trail offers 2-kilometres of stunning views including Jackson Cove and Hope Bay.

TIP: There are platforms and benches for those wanting to linger or create a great photo op. Backtrack from here to the Cape Dundas Loop.

Now available for download, the Trails Map is the perfect companion piece when you're planning your trip or looking for more trails to explore!

26 Jacksons Cove Road
Lion's Head, Ontario

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