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Since 1998 OuterVision Adventure Tours has been providing professional guiding and outfitting services to the Bruce Peninsula and surrounding areas. We invite you to come and explore the area and great outdoors through an awesome and authentic adventure tour! 

Discover new locations through our pre-planned adventures or hone your skills with one of our many O.R.C.K.A. skills courses. We are delighted to assist your explorations whether it be a professionally guided tour or a self guided tour along with our fantastic rentals, shuttle, and trip planning services. When looking for a professional and one of a kind experience OuterVision Adventure Tours guarantees to deliver an amazing adventure!


OuterVision Adventure Tours rental service has a selection of water crafts to choose from. Whether you’re a canoeist or kayaker, or new to the sport, our professional staff will ensure your rental experience will be great! Our rental fleet offers an assortment of boats, canoes, river kayaks, sea kayaks, and white water kayaks. Our daily and multi-day priced packages include all the gear necessary (boat rental, paddles, life jackets, and safety kit), to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Guided trips are a great way to experience new places and acquire paddling skills in different environments, these tours are led by trained professionals, you can choose from pre-planned excursions, day trips to multi-day trips.  There are many locations offered, you can join a pre-planned tour or customize your own guided trip. Our guides and instructors are certified Ontario Recreational Canoeing & Kayaking Association (O.R.C.K.A.), trip leaders and instructors. 


Join us for a unique experience with our Paint and Paddle adventure! This season we will be offering tours in various locations which will feature local artists from the area. A certified O.R.C.K.A. canoe guide will guide participants and a landscape artist will facilitate Plein Air, on-site painting, where some of our beloved Canadian painters were drawn to due to the sublime beauty and wildness of these areas.

OuterVision Adventure Tours has been offering both rental services and guided adventure tours since 1998. Our guides and staff are Bruce Peninsula locals with an in depth knowledge and connection to the area. Whether you €are a canoeist or kayaker, or new to the sport, our professional staff will ensure your experience will be great! Our daily and multi-day priced packages include all the gear necessary (boat rental, paddles, life jackets, and safety kit), to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Guided canoe and kayak adventures are a perfect way to experience new places and acquire paddling skills in different environments, these tours are led by trained professionals, you can choose from pre-planned excursions, day trips to multi-day trips all sure to be a great experience!


OuterVision Adventure Tours canoe and kayak rental service has a wide selection of water crafts to choose from. Whether you’re a canoeist or kayaker, or new to the sport, our professional staff will ensure your rental experience will be great!

Our daily and multi-day priced packages include all the gear necessary (boat rental, paddles, life jackets, and safety kit), to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


O.V.A.T. livery shuttle service can accommodate all your transporting needs and simplify your trip planning. Pick up or drop off is available, as well, scheduled deliveries to outlying areas.

Our shuttle service can provide an easy way for you to begin your trip without the worry of transporting your boats. Shuttle service can be arranged in advance by contacting us at
Prices vary for locations (See website page under rentals), please email for details or to book your shuttle.


The Sauble River offers multiple options to start or finish your paddling adventure. The Sauble River is a great river for beginners wanting to try for the first time a river trip but not wanting to commit to a full day of paddling. The river meanders through forests and sand dunes with only one swift section easily navigated.

Sauble River Access #1: The first access is located off of Bruce County Road 8 following Side road 15 to the bridge the launch area is on the left hand side (west side) from here it is approximately a 4 to 5 hour paddle shuttling to this access point is available as parking is limited to none.
Sauble River Access #2: The shorter tour which is approximately a 3 hour paddle to Sauble Falls is located at Jewels Bridge this is located from Highway 8 by turning onto Side road 15 and turning left at the stop sign heading west eventually crossing Jewels Bridge. Here it is best to arrange shuttling with us, as no parking is available.
Sauble River Access #3: An alternative to the above options is to leave and paddle up or down river from our Sauble Falls rental location the river has no current in these sections and is easily paddled.  One can head up river and enjoy a beautiful river tour with nature close at hand or head down river to end up at Sauble Beach a great place for a swim.

There are three options available on this river. The longest of these involves an approximate three to four hour paddle where you will arrive at Sauble Falls. Here, if you want to continue down to Lake Huron a short portage is required and one can easily reach the mouth of the river and Sauble Beach in under an hour. An alternative length is available where a shuttle can allow for a two-hour paddle to Sauble Falls.


The Rankin River is an 18 kilometer canoe route and is located in a unique setting where the interplay between geo physical features of drumlins, limestone plains and secondary escarpment features and water, provide for a river system quite unlike any others. The upper lakes (Sky, Issac, and Boat Lake), marshes, and wetlands feed the south flowing river that joins into the Sauble River above Sauble Falls which eventually empties into Lake Huron. This tour is an exceptional choice for the avid wildlife enthusiast as its ecosystems provide a diverse habitat for many aquatic and land dwelling creatures. Historically, the river system was used by First Nations inhabitants for trade, hunting and transportation needs. Later, the Europeans and fur traders of the time took advantage of this short cut across the peninsula on route to both westerly and easterly destinations, earning the Rankin River the title of “Bruce Peninsula’s Portage Route”. Due to the Rankin River being unaccessible in the lower portion the tour will partially explore this river to the dam and loop back to the Boat Lake access point.


The Oliphant Fishing Islands are located off the western shores of the Bruce Peninsula and boasts crystal clear waters and spectacular vistas as you paddle throughout this archipelago.
The waters here are dotted with approximately 70 dolomite islands that stretch from Oliphant, Red Bay, to Howdenvale. The shallow warm waters offer the paddler sheltered travel while exploring the many reefs, shoals, and islands, where the western exterior is open to the coastal effects of Lake Huron’s winds and waves.
The islands have a rich history both historically and naturally, which leaves much to be explored by the avid paddler.
These islands were named after the abundant fish that once populated the waters and provided the fish industries of the day with plentiful bounty.
Many of the islands bear the names of historical events and places including those people who lived and worked the area for its resources. For example Smoke House Island is where the First Nation people once smoked the fish caught in the shallow waters, and Main Station Island is the island where Captain Alexander Mac Gregor set up a fish canary.
The area is also home to a few shipwrecks which traveled these shallow shores and met their demise while running aground here.
Our tour will travel through these islands and shoals and take the traveler on a scenic paddle showcasing the many sights of this area.


The Saugeen River gets its name from the Ojibway word that means outlet or river mouth. It is a river rich in history and beauty and has long held great significance to the First Nation peoples and later to the settlers who came to the Grey and Bruce area. It has provided the first inhabitants with the necessary staples for survival and for coming generations a highway which enabled easy settlement of the land.

The river’s geological past also is as interesting as its anthropological history. Its highland tributaries above Walkerton drain through an old glacial spillway associated with the Horseshoe Moraine System. It then changes to a northern direction through a moraine in a 1 km wide, 50 m deep valley heading north in a meandering flow. The original spillway path of the Saugeen River was carved from a post glacial river that emptied into a former lagoon, which was once enclosed by beaches of the massive postglacial Lake Algonquin. It is theorized that when the river breached this barrier into present day Lake Huron, that the beaches of Port Elgin, Southampton and Sauble Beach were created. 

The flora and fauna of the Saugeen River is also a highlight of travelling this river system. While the fishing here is well known to anglers, birds and other water fowl reside on the shores and forests adjacent to the river providing for ample wildlife observation.

The river itself offers a relaxing pace with intervals of class I rapids which can be easily run and bring an interesting break to the flat water paddle. The shores offer many rest spots for a break and a chance to take in the natural beauty that this river has to offer.

The river provides varying lengths to choose from depending on the extent of tour that you decide to take. Half, full or multi day trips from various Saugeen River Access locations are available.

Many dates and configurations are availible for half, single and multi day adventures from all Saugeen River Access Points please contact us to discuss your options and arrange your tailored adventure tour. 


Paint and Paddle is an assemblage of both amateur and professional artists along with professional outdoor guides who are passionate about art in its many forms and paddling in the outdoors. Through visiting unique spaces in the outdoor world it is the intention of our art adventure tours to inspire and awaken your inner artist. The featured artists are locals from the select trip areas and have extensive experience in their mediums. The guides who lead these tours also have in depth experience of both the areas we visit and the adventure sport activities we participate in. Come join us on one of our many plein air painting and paddling art adventures!

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