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Spirit Rock
Wiarton, Ontario
  • Spirit Rock Conservation Area
  • Spirit Rock - View from the top of the stairs
  • Spirit Rock - Walk along the shoreline
  • Spirit Rock - Walk along the shoreline

This easy, one-hour loop takes you past the site of the Corran, a crumbling ruin that was once the site of a stately 17-room stone mansion built in the early 1880’s by a wealthy lawyer & politician.

The name means ‘land running into the sea’. It was reported that in 1901, a procession of horse-drawn carriages lined the streets of Wiarton, all the way up the steep hill to the stone gates on their way to an event at the Corran.

Explore the ruins and close your eyes to imagine the grand parties that were held here, once the region’s crown jewel overlooking Colpoy’s Bay. Sadly, a series of misfortunes lead to the downfall of the great house and its eventual ruin. Park at the Spirit Rock Conservation Area just off Hwy 6 north of Wiarton. Bring a swimsuit and swim shoes.

TIP: Discover the spiral staircase that takes you down to the shoreline.

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92 Highway 6
Wiarton, Ontario

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