The best is yet to come, you'll see. But for now, please stay home and stay healthy. Planning for future explorations encouraged. Visit to learn more about Bruce County's response to COVID-19.
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The Bruce Trail
All along the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
  • McCurdy Trailhead in Lion's Head
  • Trail turns left
  • Plenty of side trail options
  • Enjoy some time in nature...
  • Canada's oldest and longest footpath.
  • See some pretty cool things along the way - Lion's Head Potholes
  • Stunning vistas
  • Get the new ap so you can easily find your way.

Explore the oldest and longest footpath in Canada which spans over 840 kilometres.  There are numerous linear and loop hikes as well as side trails to be explored in the Peninsula section which is host to the most stunning sections of the trail.

Photographers and naturalists will love the assortment of flora and fauna that can be found while out on the trails.  For more information on the Bruce Trail you can visit the Bruce Trail Conservancy website.


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