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Official Tourism Website of Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Peninsula Lighthouse Tour
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Peninsula Lighthouse Tour

Start your journey at the Big Tub Lighthouse up in Tobermory. Climb on up to the top and check out the scuba divers just off the shoreline. While you are there, learn about the Big Tub Lighthouse’s continuing role for boaters today.

Before you head south, be sure to also check out the Little Tub Harbour for delightful shops and restaurants. Next stop, Lion’s Head Lighthouse. Head down Highway 6 to the Lion’s Head Marina for this next stop.

Once you are there, look out for the lion’s head hidden within the cliffs of Lion’s Head Provincial Park. Hop back in your car and head down highway 9 towards Cape Croker. Along the way, take a pit stop at Hope Bay for one of the best views of Georgian Bay.

Head through the First Nations territory towards the water, where you will find the secluded Cape Croker Lighthouse. Still not done adventuring? Head over to Greig’s Caves to experience a little more of what Bruce County has to offer. 

Start Point


End Point

Cape Croker

1 hour drive
Gravel and Paved Road