two happy people paddling in a canoe

Paddle Route: The Sauble River

Cruise the Sauble River on your canoe or kayak through the red pine plantations and ancient sand dunes. Stop and portage at the cascade waterfall at Sauble Falls, and continue on to the sandy shores of Lake Huron. This quiet ride is great for explorers looking to discover the more secluded sections of river in Bruce County.


Start Point: Sauble River Access #1

End Point: Sauble River Access #4

Key Points

Distance: 15 km

Days: < 1 Day

Surface: Mostly Calm Waters

Good For:

Experienced Paddlers

For a 5 and a half hour ride down the winding Sauble River, start at the 15th Side Road Bridge Access Point #1, and make your way down the river to the Sauble River Marina Access Point #4. The water is calm and gentle as it carves its way through ancient sand dunes along the banks. From the river, you will be able to see the quiet red pine forests that are plentiful in this area of the County.

Keep an eye out for beavers, muskrats or other forest animals that make their way down to the river for a swim. When you reach the Sauble Falls Provincial Park, hop out of your canoe at Access Point #3. You can either end your journey here, or after a short portage, get back in the river to continue on to the last access point.

Take in the scenery of the gorgeous Sauble Falls Provincial Park and take a chance to stretch your legs and use the park’s washroom facilities. Once you get back on the water you will have a calm 1-hour float to Access Point #4 at the Sauble River Marina and Lodge Resort. After you pack up your canoe or kayak, take a short drive into downtown Sauble Beach for supper and an ice cream cone after your day on the beautiful Sauble River.