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From the worlds biggest pumpkins to Scottish parades, there's always something going on in Bruce County. We are always looking for something to celebrate. Whether its taking pictures with big sand sculptures or soaking in the sun at the biggest beach party - it's worth celebrating!  Check out our events and see what catches your fancy.

Great Festivals and Events in Bruce County

Great Festivals and Events in Bruce County

You stroll along a beach to feel the warm sand at your feet, along a trail for the energy gained from exploring, and a festival to celebrate the celebrated: life itself.  Read More

Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band Parade

Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band Parade

As eight o’clock approaches, there’s an energy that starts to build as spectators await the march of the Scottish band, because once the time is true, rain or shine (and we really mean rain or shine), we march! Read More

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