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When in a Bruce County bakery, nothing else in the world matters. You return to the timelessness of your youth and eat everything in our shops with your eyes and your selection with your heart. Lastly, and most importantly, you snuck out of the shop with a smile ear to ear while everyone noticed!

Masters of Baking in the Breadbasket

Discover the reason we’re called the breadbasket region. A love for the craft of baking is rooted deeply in our agricultural heritage. In the Interior region, artisans flourish, they being the ones who live to make things by hand and bake in the old-fashioned way. Read More

Baked Goods along the Lakeshore

Take a stroll down the lakeshore, but be sure to follow your nose and stop in to one of the many fantastic bakeries for some of their fresh baking!   Read More

Great Bakeries along the Bruce Peninsula

Discover the small touches that make our local bakeries different. Whatever it is, you’ll find yourself making a left when you wanted to go right just to sample a taste of a flaky tea biscuit or scone. Read More

Bakeries at a glance...