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The day’s activities are fueled by farm-fresh eggs, local produce, baked goods, and tips from the locals that serve your breakfast and ideas. Need we say more to assure a fantastic day in Bruce County?

Home-cooked Breakfast in the Breadbasket

In the breadbasket region, every farmer knows that it’s important to have breakfast to be ready for the busy day ahead. Discover why our Mennonite heritage has added a love for hearty family meals gathered around a good table as the best way to start the day. Read More

Delicious Breakfast on the Peninsula

For those planning an early-rising, active day there are plenty of beautiful breakfast options to get you fueled and ready for whatever comes your way. If your idea of a beautiful day means sleeping in, having a leisurely brunch and a walk around town, many of our breakfast restaurants and cafes will greet you with a smile and pour a second cup of coffee as you linger, pondering the day’s itinerary … or the lack of it. Read More

Start your day off right with Breakfast on the Lakeshore

Whether you’re fueling up for a busy day on the beach or on the trails, or a lazy day spent relaxing in a chair, you’ll discover the perfect breakfast to get you going. In the Lakeshore region, you’ll find hearty breakfasts that fill waistbands …  even closer to noon … and those that fuel the kind of ambitious day that started with a sunrise 20km cycle and a smoothie. Read More

Breakfast at a glance...