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The Grotto

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The Grotto at The Bruce Peninsula National Park

It is Bruce County’s most popular attraction, a bustling hot spot visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. One of Mother Nature’s crown jewels, its turquoise pool of water and intricate cave structures are mesmerizing!  I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  Yep, that’s right - it’s the Grotto in the Bruce Peninsula National Park!

The Grotto is located at the Cyprus Lake Road entrance to the Park. If you are looking to hike to the Grotto without the crowded trails or busy parking lots, the best time to visit is in the Spring or Fall. We want to ensure you have the best overall experience!

The Hike

The hike through the park to reach the Grotto takes about 45 minutes each way; along the way, you'll see diverse wetlands, ancient cedar trees spiraling from cliff-edges, a multitude of orchids and ferns, birds, and so much more! The cave itself is stunning, carved from ancient limestone and filled with the crystal-clear, pristine turquoise water of Georgian Bay. You can walk along a ledge inside its cavity or, if you're brave enough, even take a swim inside!

Best time to visit

Those visitors opting to come in July and August should arrive before 9am or after 4pm, since the park quickly reaches capacity early in the day. However, it is recommended that those who want the best Peninsula experience should visit in the Spring in the Fall.

For more information about the Bruce Peninsula National Park, visit here