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Bruce County has the ability to draw your attention, no matter where you come from or what you want to do in the area. From railroads to unique shopping destinations or boat tours to high rope courses, we have it all and more!

Boat Tours and Day Trips

845 kms of coastline?! Sign me up for a boat tour!

Bruce County is known for its stunning scenery and its crystal-clear waters. When you’re craving a day off your feet, take a daytrip adventure on one of the many boat tours in the area. Read More

Main Attractions in Central Bruce County

Bruce County is more than just the Peninsula and Lakeshore. Explore the wonders that the Interior region in Bruce County has to offer as you see acres on acres of farmland and unique experiences.  Read More

Provincial Parks in Bruce County

Some of the great trails in Bruce County are located in one of Provincial Parks. Here you can feed chickadees right from the palm of hands.. Read More

Favourite Attractions Along the Lakeshore

While on the lakeshore, it's almost a must to drive the windy roads that follow the coast line - but that's not all there is to our lakeshore!

Here we have a few of our favourite attractions that you should see while you're here! Read More

Interior Exploration for the Whole Family

There is no shortage of things to do in the breadbasket – Bruce County’s interior region. Start your day with a family hike and snack break beside the beautiful Saugeen River. Stop by one of our small-town museums and learn how our pioneering womenfolk made breakfast. Have lunch at an artisanal bakery. Read More

Attractions at a glance...