Point Clark lighthouse centre frame, surrounded by trees and a dramatic sky

The Southern Shoreline Lighthouse Tour

Point Clark and Kincardine both boast beautiful lighthouses on the beach. When you are driving between these towns, take scenic Lake Range Drive for a tour with a view. These two lighthouses are ready for adventurers, as they both have museums ready for visitor viewing in the summer months. 


Start Point: Point Clark

End Point: Kincardine

Key Points

Distance: 21km

Days: 1 Day

Surface: Partially Paved

Good For:


Start your journey along the Lake Huron shoreline at Point Clark Lighthouse.  Begin by visiting the museum, and then climb your way up the 26.50-m-high limestone tower to experience a breathtaking view. While you are there, enjoy the cozy beach community and take a walk along the sandy shoreline.

Next, hop in the car and make your way down Lake Range Dr. towards Kincardine. Feel free to stop along Boiler Beach for a quick swim along the way. Next stop, Kincardine Lighthouse! Experience the marine museum, and then climb up the 69 steps to the top of the only ‘downtown’ lighthouse on the Bruce Coast.

Group of kids gathered around an old canon at the museum

Still up for more adventure? Take the Ripley Loop to visit numerous artisan galleries and Mennonite farms along the farmland of Bruce County. 

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