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Discover Summer Wonders

This summer, take the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the warmth of the season by exploring new destinations, trying new activities, and embarking on thrilling adventures.

Whether it’s a relaxing beach getaway, motorcycle road trip, camping adventure, or an epic hike, let the spirit of the season guide you to a summer filled with unforgettable memories and amazing stories.

Explore more this summer

Be an Underwater Explorer

Our pristine waters feature submerged forests, limestone shoals and a wide collection of sunken vessels awaiting your discovery. Fathom the possibilities…

Experience Ontario’s Surfing Hot Spots

Banish the thought of only being able to surf in places like Hawaii or California – you can get on a board right here in Bruce County!

Sink Your Toes in the Sand

Bruce County is famous for its beaches – come find out why.

Ride Your Way Through Bruce County

Imagine, riding along the Lake Huron coastline or riding with Georgian Bay turquoise waters as a backdrop – you can’t get these views anywhere else.

Lace Up Your Boots

Get lost in nature on one of our many trails for an entire day or just an hour – a hike in Bruce will invigorate your connection to nature either way.

Pack Your Camping Gear

Bruce County is one of the best destinations in the province to get outdoors, a weekend away in the stunning natural surroundings will reset your inner compass.

Check out the countless other experiences Bruce County has to offer.

With 12 unique towns and dozens of communities in between, a huge diversity of natural landscapes and very long list of ways to have fun outdoors, Bruce County has you covered! This region is abundant with unbelievable landscapes, unmatched adventure and tons of hidden gems.

Remember to Explore Safely and Sustainably

Remember that parks, beaches and farms are carefully managed eco-systems, not just awesome Instagram backdrops.

It’s our responsibility to leave nature untouched and preserve its beauty for future generations. When visiting Bruce County, prioritize sustainable travel practices. Here are a few tips to help you leave no trace:

  1. Pack in, pack out: Be mindful of the waste you generate. Bring reusable water bottles, food containers and bags to pack out any trash and minimize your impact.
  2. Stay on designated trails: Stick to marked paths to protect fragile ecosystems and prevent damage to flora and fauna. Resist the urge to venture off-trail.
  3. Respect wildlife: Observe wildlife from a safe distance and never feed or disturb them. Remember, they are the rightful inhabitants of this land, and our presence should not disrupt their natural behaviour.
  4. Capture memories, not souvenirs: Take plenty of photographs but resist the temptation to collect natural souvenirs like rocks or seashells. Leave them where they belong, as each element plays a vital role in the delicate ecosystem.

Remember to reduce your environmental impact while still exploring and having fun. Let’s make every adventure count for our planet!

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