person paddle boarding near Flowerpot Island with clear blue skies Flowerpot Island

It pays to plan ahead!

If you’re making plans to visit Bruce County (right on!) there are certain sites and activities within the Peninsula that require a booking or reservation. This ensures everyone gets a chance to take in the splendor, and that our beautiful natural environments aren’t strained by over tourism. To avoid disappointment, plan ahead, or as we like to say, ‘if you want to look, you have to book!’

The Grotto

Ready to explore the Grotto? Use the Parks Canada page to reserve your spot and book your parking reservation.

Lion’s Head Lookout

Ready to explore the Lion’s Head Lookout? Use the Northern Bruce Peninsula page to reserve your spot.

Halfway Log Dump

Ready to explore the Halfway Log Dump? Use the Parks Canada page to reserve your spot.

Did you know the Singing Sands and Indian Head Cove are also located in Bruce Peninsula National Park? When these other locations are full, check these out instead!

What to do if these are booked?

While the Grotto, Lion’s Head lookout, and Halfway Log Dump are all popular destinations, Bruce County is abundant with unbelievable landscapes, unmatched adventure and tons of hidden gems. When these destinations are full, the parking lots are packed, and they’re bursting at the seams, be sure to check out the countless other experiences Bruce County has to offer.

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