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Maps and Guides

Maps and guides are here to help you plan the perfect trip to magical Bruce County. It’s a big place, so use these resources to understand distances and drive times between towns and destinations. And remember, leave room in your itinerary for the unexpected.

Ready to embark on your adventure? Here’s what you need.  

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Don’t miss a thing! View or download the Visitors Brochure to discover all the experiences Bruce County has to offer.

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Prefer printed maps and brochures? Order them for free, have them delivered and take them with you on your adventure!

Stay safe on your adventure. Download the what3words app to find, share and save precise locations and visit Bruce County’s Public Safety page.

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Ready to hit the water? View or download Bruce County’s Paddling Map. It will show you all the best routes and access points.

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Looking to hit the trails? Visit Bruce County Trails or view and download the Trails Brochure to see all the best spots across the county and how to access them.