Mountain Bike Park

GPS: N 44 49 11.6643 W 81 8 34.0363

Address: 661 Bruce Road 9, Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0

Locally known as the Albermarle Tract, this property is well known for its abundance of rock and technical riding.

Trail Information

Located just north of Wiarton on Bruce Road 9, the Mountain Bike Park provides riders with over 15km of both double- and single-track trails. This property has seen many upgrades over the years, which includes 3.5 km gravel chariot loop. Local riders consider the MTB Park one of the most challenging trail properties within the County of Bruce. Rocky outcrops, armored tread sections, wicked rock outcrops and newly created family friendly loops put this property high on the “to-do-list” of MTB riders. A bonus feature is the Pump Track located at the trailhead. Created from packed earth, this continuous loop allows riders to pump through berms and rollers without peddling. Check it out!

Season to Ride:

June, July, August and parts of September. Avoid after heavy rain.

Trail Surface Type:

Rock gardens and packed mineral soil.

What to Ride:

Families and beginner riders will enjoy the hard-packed aggregate trails such as Rocky Way and Albemarle Pass. If you are looking for more of a challenge hit up the Pine Loop and Rocky Flats. For the more advanced riders be sure to try Big Bear and Maple ridge. They are a fast, challenging ride with lots of rock outcrops to navigate.

Single Track


Pine Loop – 1.2km

The Rocky Flats – 1.3km


The Bike Buster – 1.5km

Maple Ridge – 2.5km

Double Track


Ewok Run – 0.5km

Albermarle Pass – 0.9km

Balsam Loop – 1.2 km

The Green Mile – 1.5km

Rocky Way – 2.2km


The Boulder Causeway – 1.8km

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