Why Boat Tours and Scuba Diving on the Bruce Peninsula is the Best

The perfect fall vacation destination with glass bottom boat tours and scuba diving experiences.

The Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory, Flowerpot Island, Georgian Bay…we know you’ve heard about it.

Fathom Five National Marine Park is home to Canada’s premiere dive destination and Flowerpot Island.

Imagine the breeze in your hair as you ride along a zodiac boat tour around Georgian Bay or seeing a shipwreck with the naked eye. In the Bruce Peninsula, there are endless opportunities to explore above and below the surface.

Guess what? Boat touring and diving is even better in the fall.

Top 5 Reasons Why Boat Tours and Scuba Diving on the Bruce Peninsula is the Best

  1. Imagine seeing shipwrecks underwater with the naked eye, without even having to get wet. We have four tour operators who can take you there. If you’re looking to get closer, there are lots of scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities!
  2. Three lighthouses to explore in one day? Yes, please.  
  3. Flowerpot Island is a unique spot to visit as it is only accessible by boat. Once you land on the island, hike towards two natural “flowerpot” rock pillars and explore caves, a historic light station and ancient cedars. 
  4. There is a washroom ‘with a view’ on Flowerpot Island. If you know, you know. 
  5. Tobermory’s pristine turquoise waters provide the best experience for exploring the historical shipwrecks and geological formations whether you’re diving, snorkeling, or taking them in from a boat.

Taking in your surroundings, you realize that with the Great Lakes by your side and 1000-year-old ancient cedars firmly at your back, this is Canada; authentic, rugged and stunningly scenic.

Live the explorer’s dream.  

Step out of the ordinary, gather your friends and book your fall boat tour or guided scuba diving and snorkeling experience before it’s too late.

Reserve Your Boat Ride:

Blue Heron Cruises

Join us for a glass bottom cruise to view shipwrecks and visit the famous “Flower Pot” sea stacks on Flowerpot Island. Choose from stay-aboard cruises, drop off tours, or a sunset cruise to the Grotto and back. 

Bruce Anchor Cruises

Sail with Bruce Anchor Cruises for a glass bottom boat tour with breathtaking views and unforgettable adventures. 

Tobermory Wave Adventures

Join us aboard to see the shipwrecks, flowerpots and the Grotto all in one tour. Gaze up at towering cliffs, peer into sea caves and learn how it all came to be.

Diver’s Den

Discover the world below the waves of Fathom Five National Marine Park, home to more than 20 shipwrecks. Explore this hidden world and have the experience of a lifetime. 

MS Chi-Cheemaun

The Chi-Cheemaun is 50! As an integral symbol of Georgian Bay, the Chi-Cheemaun has made thousands of voyages between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island since 1974. Enjoy daily sailings between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island until October 20. 

More About Fathom Five National Marine Park

Renowned for scuba diving, Fathom Five National Marine Park is Canada’s first underwater park and boasts 22 known shipwrecks, three lighthouses and Flowerpot Island. Regardless of your experience as a diver or snorkeler, the dive shop of Tobermory will introduce you to Canada’s premiere dive destination. The park is over 116 square kilometres of crystal-clear water surrounded by an archipelago of 19 islands. Sheer cliffs and huge caves can be found both on the islands and beneath the turquoise waters. And for the diving enthusiast, the remains of over 20 historical shipwrecks lie 10 to 150 feet beneath the surface waiting to be investigated. Savage storms have left masts broken and scattered, but massive timbers remain intact, giving divers and snorkelers a glimpse of steamers and cargo ships that brought passengers and supplies to the Bruce Peninsula over a century ago. Divers must register for a dive pass through the Park before diving, but no permit is required for snorkeling.

More About Tobermory in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula