Top 10 Things to Do in Tobermory

Heading up to Tobermory for the week? Looking for a daytrip up the Peninsula? Hopping off the Chi-Cheemaun in Tobermory? Look no further, we’ve go you covered! Here are the top 10 things to do in Tobermory!

Reach New Heights at Little Cove Adventures

Interested in challenging your agility, balance and strength? Looking for a fun activity for the whole family? Little Cove Adventures is perfect for you! Test your climbing skills at this aerial adventure park on the high ropes or low ropes course, and test your balance, planning and problem solving. The high ropes course elements are 20-30 feet above the ground and this course includes nets, swings, beams, tires and rope crossings! The park also offers a low ropes course, which is perfect for those who aren’t so keen on heights. Plan to spend 2 hours at this adventure park for a day full of extreme fun and exciting challenges!

Ride a Glass Bottom Boat

Looking for a way to tour the shipwrecks off the coast of Tobermory without having to hop into the water? Look no further! Take a glass bottom boat tour off the shores of Tobermory and explore the shipwrecks right beneath your feet. Bruce Anchor Cruises and Blue Heron Cruises both offer excursions for all ages! Both cruises feature windows built in to the floor of the boats, to allow you to explore the crystal clear waters from a whole new perspective! While onboard, listen to stories about the history of the shipwrecks, and discover the Lake Huron waters.

Discover Flowerpot Island

Looking to explore past the waters’ edge? Take a boat out to Flower Pot Island and discover a whole new land! Located off the shores of the Bruce Peninsula Fathom Five National Marine Park includes the beautiful hidden treasure of Flowerpot Island. Known for its flowerpot shaped rock formations, this island is a great place for the whole family to explore! Take a hike from Beachy Cove to visit the rock formations, the caves, and the light station! Is one day of adventuring too short for you? Reserve your spot at one of the 6 campsites on the island and spend the night listening to the relaxing sound of the waves. Flower Pot Island is a destination that you won’t want to miss!

Shop Downtown

This small town is full unique shops that are the perfect place to pick up souvenirs, unique Bruce County items and artisanal pieces. Make sure to hit up the Tobermory Brewing Company, where you can pick up a jug of their own Bruce Peninsula themed beer. Don’t miss the Blue Heron Shop to pick up clothing perfect for any adventure. The Hummingbird House carries Tobermory souvenirs and unique giftware. Stop in at the Mariner Chart Shop for neat nautical items. There are so many quaint shops to discover in Tobermory!

Learn How to Scuba Dive

Why travel to the Caribbean to swim with the dolphins when you can experience scuba diving close to home! Diver’s Den and G+S Watersports in Tobermory both offer excursions off the shores of Lake Huron, where explorers are given the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters next to Tobermory’s famous shipwrecks. Take time to learn the proper scuba diving skills with Tobermory’s best instructors, and then experience a once in a lifetime adventure along the coastlines of Georgian Bay.

Eat Delicious Food

After a long day exploring, you’re probably getting hungry! Tobermory has a large collection of restaurants to fill your hunger needs! The Crowsnest Pub has a beautiful second floor patio to overlook Little Tub Harbour as you devour your meal. Or maybe you’re feeling some delicious fish and chips from The Fish and Chip Place! Still have room for dessert? The Sweetshop is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with their scrumptious fudge and their huge selection of candy. On a hot summer day, Peninsula Supply Ice Cream Parlour has a great selection of ice cream to eat down by the harbour as you enjoy the view!

Go Paddling

A kayak is the perfect way to explore the crystal clear Georgian Bay waters. Bring your own or rent one and spend a fun filled day on the water. You’ll experience shipwrecks up-close and personal, jaw dropping Escarpments and of course, the turquoise water. Paddle out to Flowerpot Island and spend the afternoon there for a unique experience. Once you see the water in Tobermory, you’ll be longing to get out on a kayak. Pack a camera and some sunscreen!

Take a Ferry Ride

Travel in good spirits and take a day trip out to Manitoulin Island on board the MS Chi-Cheemaun. Choose to take your car, or to walk straight on to the big canoe to begin your journey. Not ready to leave Tobermory yet? Take a walk down the boardwalk to the end of the Big Tub Harbour to watch the Chi-Cheemaun glide to its dock. Be sure to snap a few pictures and wave to the passengers as they head out into Lake Huron.

Find Big Tub Lighthouse

Located at the end of Big Tub Road, the Big Tub Lighthouse is a must see when exploring Tobermory! Park your car and follow the beaten path to the 14-metre wooden lighthouse. Originally built in 1885, this lighthouse played a major role in guiding ships into the harbour during story weather. While you explore the lighthouse, be sure to take in the views of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot the Chi-Cheemaun carrying passengers back and forth to Manitoulin Island.

Explore the Visitors Centre

Tobermory boasts Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park! The National Park Visitors Centre is a must see when you are in the area! Take in the unique displays and feature movies for an informative afternoon. You may notice a tall structure towering high above the trees just to the right of the Visitors Centre. This is the lookout tower! Take the 122 step climb to the top to take in a breathtaking view of Tobermory, Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, as well as acres upon acres of tall trees. Be sure to take your camera with you when you trek up the tower, because this stunning backdrop is perfect for pictures.

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