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Paddle Route: The South Port

This short South Port paddle route is perfect for an evening ride through the Bruce County countryside. This ride takes you just outside Port Elgin, and then takes you back in the countryside to just outside of Southampton. This calm trip is perfect for paddlers of all experience levels. 


Start Point: Saugeen River Access Point #9a

End Point: Saugeen River Access Point #11

Key Points:

Distance: 8.5 km

Days: < 1/2 Day

Surface: Mostly Calm Waters

Good For:

Beginner Paddlers

For a nice short ride, launch your canoe at County Road 17 near Burgoyne and paddle to County Road 3 near Southampton. As you start to paddle away from your starting point, the river takes you to just outside Port Elgin. You will be able to see the water tower and a few tall buildings, before the stream takes you back into the countryside towards Southampton.

Dock your canoe or kayak on the bank of the river along the way to stop for a lunch break, before continuing on your journey and eventually ending up at the bridge on County Road 3. After you pack up your canoe, take a short drive into Southampton to visit one of the many restaurants, or take a look around at the downtown’s unique shops. Make sure to visit the sandy beach and take in a beautiful sunset while you’re in the area.

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