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Boat Tours and Day Trips

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845 kms of coastline?! Sign me up for a boat tour!

Bruce County is known for its stunning scenery and its crystal-clear waters. When you’re craving a day off your feet, take a daytrip adventure on one of the many boat tours in the area.

The Fishing Islands aren't just for Fishing any more!

The Fishing Islands are one of Bruce County’s hidden gems. With their shallow, warm and sheltered waters, you can easily assume you have travelled thousands of kilometres away to a secluded destination “off the beaten trail.”

Take a tour with Bruce Peninsula Boat Tours to see the marks of glaciation and rare coastal environment that is home to species like bald eagles, reptiles and heron rookeries in person. View the rare sighting of two shallow shipwrecks right from the naked eye.

Tour to Chantry Island and see the Imperial Lighthouse

Your Chantry Island Lighthouse Tour will guide you through the many underwater shoals that have made this area one of the most treacherous of the Great Lakes. During your two-hour guided visit, you will stroll back in time to the 1800’s as you wander through Light Keeper's Cottage and surrounding gardens. Climb to the top of the Imperial Lighthouse for extraordinary views and spot many of the birds that call this island home. Depending on the weather, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of the  50 shipwrecks that surround the island.

One of the Canada’s best tours

Located at tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Flowerpot Island is a scuba diver’s paradise, an explorer’s dream and a family’s memorable vacation. Flowerpot Island is located in Fathom Five National Marine Park, 6.5 km off the shore of Tobermory and is only accessible by boat. Blue Heron Cruises and Bruce Anchor Cruises are two boat tour companies that make multiple trips daily beginning in the spring until mid-fall.

You can camp there! Your best bet is to pack a picnic and hike the island trails to its unique flowerpot formations, caves and light station (maintained by volunteers).  Hike lengths vary from 1 ½ to up to 5 hours. 

All aboard the largest passenger and car vessel on the Great lakes

Make your way from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island by way of the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry. Manitoulin Island is a popular destination for campers, cottagers, fishing enthusiasts, hikers and cyclists alike for the picturesque roads and hiking trails. The population magnifies and the island really comes alive with travelers from all over. Did we mention the great fishing?

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