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Astronomy on the Peninsula

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Home of one of the UNESCO Worlds Biosphere Reserve
Home of one of the UNESCO Worlds Biosphere Reserve

Home to 1 of the 701 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the world - and 1 of 18 Biosphere reserves in Canada. This means that when you look up at in most places in Southern Ontario, you'll see only a handful of the stars that shine bright on the Bruce Peninsula. 

As the sun sets on another glorious day, the starry vistas begin to unfold in the Dark Sky Preserve on the Bruce Peninsula. Big city lights will be a faint flow in your memory as the peninsula darkness provides the perfect backdrop for a spectacular view our Milky Way. 

Bayside Astronomy Nights
Bayside Astronomy Nights

Known for its stunning natural assets, the Bruce Peninsula is part of a globally significant, UNESCO designated world biosphere reserve. On Friday and Saturday summer nights from Canada Day to Labour Day, the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association hosts a free Bayside Astronomy program at the harbour in Lion's Head. Away from the glow of urban light pollution, we have some of the darkest skies in Ontario, and stargazing here is phenomenal.

A trip to the POD (Peninsula Observation Deck) in Lion's Head is sure to inspire, as the team gets out their big telescopes and provides a tour of the night sky, constellations and our home galaxy, the milky way. Bayside Astronomy takes the show on the road Mondays at Miller's Family Camp, Wednesdays at Summer House Park and Thursdays at Singing Sands in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

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Ever wondered "What is the brightest star in our sky?" or "How far away is the closest star?". Ever wanted to travel to Andromeda, the next galaxy? Or thought "Why is it called the Milky Way?" Whether you are an amateur astrophotographer or want to glimpse Saturn's rings, the best way to appreciate the sky is to see it for yourself.

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