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Ride the Wave

Any surfer will tell you, timing is everything, and nowhere is that more evident than the surf on the Great Lakes. With more than 17,000 kilometres of coastline, Kincardine is a spot with the perfect combination of underwater terrain and wind currents to create those clean peeling waves. But swells here are fickle; they can come up fast and sometimes they will be gone in as little as three hours. Other times a swell can last all day, giving surfers unlimited action.

Ontario's Surfing Hot Spot

Kincardine has been recognized as Ontario’s surfing hot spot!
The wind from Lake Huron and the depth of the water makes the perfect waves for great lakes surfing! During the spring and the fall, you can get as many as 50 days of solid surfing.

The Great Lake Surf Competition

Kincardine has also made it’s way in the surfing circuit. Each fall, West Shore Lakeside Surf Shoppe hosts The Great Lake Surf Competition. Surfers compete from all over and the event continues to grow each year! No gear? No problem; West Shore has all your gear and rental needs for the perfect Great Lakes surfing experience.