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See where you should launch into the Saugeen River.

Saugeen River Access Points

Saugeen River Access Points

The Saugeen River flows west through rolling scenic landscapes towards the Lake Huron shoreline. The route crosses masses of agricultural land, and is heavily bordered by mixed forest. The official route begins at the Hanover Town Park (Access Point #3), and ends 102 km downstream at Denny’s Dam (Access Point #15), near Southampton. Access Points #1 (not shown on map), and #2 are recommended for experienced paddlers only (due to possibilities of high water, obstacles, and heavy rapids).

The river varies from wide, slow-flowing sections, to stretches with white rapids and eddies, making the Saugeen ideal for family canoeing. The rapids are ideal for learning the basics of water navigation. Portages are short, by-passing four dams along the entire route. The first three portages are located upstream between Hanover and Walkerton. Although some paddlers may extend their trip to Lake Huron (Access Point #16), most will pull off the river at Denny’s Dam (Access Point #15), where there is plenty of daytime parking. By car, this property can be reached by following Carlisle Street, immediately east of the Bruce Rd 3 and Highway 21 junction.

Caution: River levels can be high and fast-flowing in early spring.

The Mighty Saugeen River

When it comes to a canoe trip, many think of the rigorous routes, whitewater and rapids and portaging for kilometres at a time. The Saugeen River is a calm, but exciting, river that is waiting for you to explore.  Learn about paddling the Saugeen River here. Read More

Fishing on the Saugeen River and Lake Huron Shoreline

Regardless of your point of entry on Bruce County’s picturesque Saugeen River, you’ll find 102 kilometres of easy paddling, tree-lined shores and cliffs, and some of the best fishing in South Western Ontario. Forget the manic white water - we’re all about smooth strokes and perfect casts. Just touch the water with your lure and see what emerges. Read More

Boating and Paddling in Bruce County

Surrounded by Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, Bruce County is your gateway to freshwater adventure. Every lake front community has a marina and every beach has the most beautiful view of the sunrise or sunset. Learn more about our watersports and boating adventures here. Read More

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