Exciting adventures await the brave explorers

Feeling brave? Brave enough to try something new, stand up 40 feet in the air or explore the unknown? We’ve got the perfect place for you to start your adventure.

Aerial Parks?!

If heights exhilarate you, then this adventure is one you won’t want to miss! Get harnessed up at  Ascent Aerial Park and try out their three levels of climbing adventures, the 40-foot free fall, zip coaster and climbing rock walls. Take it slow and start out on the lowest level of the climbing park and work your way up. Each level contains different obstacles and challenges. When you reach the highest level, you will be afforded breathtaking birds-eye views of Lake Huron and downtown Sauble Beach. If you are up for an extreme experience, try out their 40-foot free fall. See how you feel peeking over the edge before you leap off the structure – just don’t forget to strap in! To finish off the fun, test out their three panel rock wall where you can climb to your hearts desire. Only for the bravest of explorers, try out their zip coaster – the only one in Canada, get strapped in and take a step off to zoom towards the beach.
Little Cove Adventures is a great place to spend an afternoon when in Tobermory. For those who are up for a challenging adventure, this experience is sure to provide explorers with excitement. Little Cove Adventures is home to two experiences, low ropes and high ropes courses. The high ropes course features plenty of challenge elements positioned on a structure 20-30 feet above the ground. You will test your balance, strength, and agility in negotiating exciting nets, swings, beams, tires, and rope crossings. The low ropes course is perfect for those explorers who like to stay closer to the ground. You will enjoy getting across from tree to tree on swings, cables, tires, and logs. These ropes courses require balance, planning, problem solving, and communication. Climb on!

Cave Exploration

Greig’s Caves are one of the Bruce Peninsula’s natural wonders. Discover the awe-inspiring natural limestone caves that carved into the Bruce County landscape millions of years ago. Take a few hours and follow the path through the ten caves and take in the lush ferns, beautiful rocks and deep, cool caves. These caves are fun for all ages, however be prepared for challenging paths, slippery rocks and steep climbs. When you’ve finished exploring the caves, take the 10 minute scenic loop walk for three stunning views of Georgian Bay. When visiting Greig’s Caves, be sure to pack your running shoes, bug spray and camera! This is an adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Surfs Up!

We’ve got lots of water, so water activities are immensely popular. Surfing is one of the lesser known water sports but is gaining in popularity especially in the Sauble Beach and Kincardine areas. Check out the locals after their work shift and you’ll see them hitting the waves on good days – just be careful, it’ll make you want to rent a board to try it out. Trust us, their excitement is contagious!
Practice, practice, practice! Each wave is different so lots of practice will get you up on a board, this means there will be lots of fails (and lots of hilarious photos if you’ve got a photographer), but once you stand up, you’ll have created an addiction you’ll just want to chase.
Pick up a rental board at Jack n Jills in Sauble Beach or check out SurfsUp Eco Shop in Kincardine for rentals and lessons. Check out the surf conditions before heading out, ideally you’re going to want a SW or NW wind direction (but anything in between will be okay), and wind at 40 kph or higher.
Looking for more adventures? Visit our Outdoor Activities page!

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