Paddle Boarding

Paddle Route: The Brockton

For an exciting ride, start in Walkerton and end at Concession 8, just outside of town. This section of river is filled with rapids; however, they are typically easy to navigate. On this ride, you are treated to picturesque views of high clay banks that are home to many different types of birds. Take this paddling tour for a thrilling ride on the Saugeen River.


Start Point: Saugeen River Access Point #5

End Point: Saugeen River Access Point #7

Key Points

Distance: 21 km

Days: 1 Day

Surface: Has Rapids

Good For:

Beginner Paddlers

Start your paddling adventure at Lobbies Park for an exciting 5 hour ride to Concession 8. As you start to make your way out of the town of Walkerton and into the beautiful Bruce County countryside, the river will take twists and turns through a quiet marshy area with lush vegetation. Be prepared for many exciting sections of rapids on this journey. These rapids are not difficult or dangerous, and are typically easy to navigate for paddlers of all experience levels.

Throughout your journey in this section of river, you will see many high clay banks that are home to swallows, kingfishers, and other cliff-dwelling birds. Also, keep an eye out for cattle, horses or other wildlife that make their way down to the river for a drink. As you reach the end of your trip, you will float through acres of rolling farmland and pasture.

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