Legends of the Great Swamp 39 Concession Road #6

This swamp tour encompasses the legends and lore surrounding the Greenock Swamp (Ontario’s single largest forested wetland), a source of intrigue since the first European settlers arrived in the mid-1800s. Stories abound of man-eating plants, unrelenting quicksand, and mysterious green lights that have sent even the most dedicated outdoorsmen running for their lives. This tour highlights the legends, lore and mysteries surrounding the men who lumbered in the swamp in the late 1800s and the famous lumber baron Henry Cargill. Each Greenock Swamp Tour (3 in total), takes place on Saturdays from 2 – 7pm and includes bus transportation, wine and beer tasting, tours of historical buildings, local actors who portray historical figures a full Bruce County Church Supper and plenty of stories and legends! All tours begin and conclude at the historical Chepstow Church for 2pm. Bus transportation is provided from there. Coordinated by the Cargill and Greenock Swamp Promotional Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Brockton

$110.00 / person greenocktours@gmail.com
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