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The Peninsula

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854 kilometres of coastline - 2 National Parks

If it could speak, what stories this rugged coastline would tell. For millions of years, the Bruce Peninsula has been witness to the earliest evidence of life … and now it is witness to yours. Take its craggy rock and dig into it with both hands as you climb. Trek its ancient forests and trails. Listen to tales of old whispering through the trees. Here, there are adventures waiting to be shared. Write your own memories on its sandy beaches … just don’t be surprised by the impression it leaves on your soul.

Communities to Visit on the Bruce Peninsula:

The 8th Wonder of Canada

Where water and land meet sky. With its 1,000-year old pines and pristine turquoise waters, you’ll see why it’s the 8th Wonder of Canada. Fathom Five National Marine Park is famous for its scuba diving. Take a glass-bottomed boat to Flowerpot Island or rent a SUP and explore the coastline. On land, delight in the numerous culinary options. Comb the village galleries and shops for treasures. Your first impression is breathtaking. Your last is unforgettable.

Lion's Head

Serenity on the Bruce Peninsula

Can one place be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time? Explore the dramatic beauty of the escarpment. Relax on one of the many serene shallow beaches. Check out the local eateries. With incredible hiking and caves to explore, your senses will be heightened, your body relaxed. At night, the sky is truly magical before you peacefully drift off to sleep. Yes, Lion's Head is both. And more.


Basecamp to the Bruce Peninsula

Pack your bags. Get ready to explore the wilderness of the region and challenge yourself to the top of the escarpment. Wiarton is your home base, central to all the hidden gems that the Bruce Peninsula has to offer. Nestled between rugged limestone cliffs and the shores of Georgian Bay, and with plenty of shopping and sensational dining options, it’s the perfect place to launch a boat trip or a camping or hiking adventure.