Lion’s Head Lighthouse

Set beneath the majestic Niagara Escarpment, this little lighthouse has endured more hardship than the mariners it guided!

The first lighthouse was established in 1903 and was rebuilt several times due to the high-energy weather conditions of Georgian Bay. Automation in 1969 finally replaced the attractive structure with a metal post and light. In 1983, a group of high school students built a replica model lighthouse from the blueprints of its original building that existed in 1903. The replica lighthouse still stands in its place today and is a popular destination for visitors.

Lighthouse Features:

  • Type of Light: Isophase Red
  • Range: N/A
  • Height: 28 ft
  • Steps: N/A
  • Style: Range Light
  • Year Built: Replica of 1903 design
Lion’s Head Lighthouse
1 Bruin St.
Lion's Head ON N0H 1W0
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