Pioneer Park

Scenery and tranquillity are two reasons that locals and visitors find Pioneer Park so attractive. The Park chronicles Southampton’s marine history with a memorial to lost sailors, 2 cannons, and a replica storm signal basket. Located at the mouth of the Saugeen River, this park offers a relaxing destination from which you can view Chantry Island through a pay-for-use viewfinder, watch commercial fishing tugs, sailboats and motorboats come and go or perhaps enjoy a picnic lunch. Pioneer Park is its own outdoor marine heritage museum. Dedicated to those brave souls whose livelihood depended on the often treachourous waters of Lake Huron, several memorials grace the grounds. A replica set of storm signal baskets have been erected here by the Southampton Propellor Club (the original set and part of the original pole are in the Bruce County Museum)–check out the diagrams on the side of the shed to see the meanings of the various configurations of the baskets. A great place to browse, have a picnic (there are picnic tables and benches) or simply relax and soak up the view of Lake Huron where it meets the mouth of the Saugeen River. Close to public washrooms, it is a great spot for sunset viewing, too! This is also a popular site for wedding photos and family reunion gatherings. For a slice of history and solitude, check out Pioneer Park.

Pioneer Park
70 Front St.
Southampton ON N0H 2L0
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