High up drone shot of Denny's dam, surrounded by green foliage and the sun reflected in the water

Paddle Route: Denny’s Dam

The Denny’s Dam paddle route is the last leg of the Saugeen River. On this challenging ride, you will need to portage around Denny’s Dam, and then continue on paddling to the Southampton harbor. Keep on paddling past the boat dock if you would like to take a ride in Lake Huron. This paddle is for the more experienced river adventurer.


Start Point: Saugeen River Access #14

End Point: Saugeen River Accesss #16

Key Points:

Distance: 10.5km

Days: 1/2 Day

Surface: Mostly Calm Waters

Good For:

Experienced Paddlers

Jump in your canoe or kayak at the Country Road 3 access point and paddle all the way to the last Saugeen River Access Point at the Southampton Harbor. At the beginning of this section of river you will find many sets of small manageable rapids, and also a few sets of more challenging areas of rushing water.

As you continue down the river to your halfway point, look for Denny’s Dam, where you will need to get out of your canoe or kayak and make a 150-meter portage. At the Denny’s Dam Conservation Area there are washroom facilities and picnic tables for river travelers to use.

Get back on the Saugeen for a calm 2 hour ride until you reach the Southampton Harbor. After you end your paddle, take a walk to downtown Southampton to take in their many shops and restaurants. Visit the sandy beach and take in a stunning Lake Huron sunset to end your day on the water.

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