The Great Bank Heist 39 Concession Road #6

The Great Bank Heist Who would guess that during the great depression, event the small Hamlet of Cargill would not escape the desperate souls wanting to make a buck! In 1934, three lawbreaking thugs robbed the bank in Cargill. One was a local fellow and the other two from the United States. Follow the antics of these criminals, their history and the crude plan they mustered to carry out this fuddled heist that garnered much less than planned! Each Greenock Swamp Tour (3 in total), takes place on Saturdays from 2 – 7pm and includes bus transportation, wine and beer tasting, tours of historical buildings, local actors who portray historical figures a full Bruce County Church Supper with all the trimming, as well as plenty of stories and legends! All tours begin and conclude at the historical Chepstow Church for 2pm. Bus transportation is provided from there. Coordinated by the Cargill and Greenock Swamp Promotional Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Brockton

$110.00 / person
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