Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake in Southampton is located right in the community’s core, offering a pleasant respite from a bustling tourist community in the middle of summer. A frothy fountain splashes in the centre of the lake while a nature trail wraps itself around its perimeter.

The lake is a beautiful sight during the winter, but make sure to also stop by during the summer as sometimes Southampton Band Shell Concerts are held here!

Huge carp can be spotted swimming around just beneath the water’s surface. Swans, ducks and geese can be fed, the corn available at the dispensing machines along the lake’s edge (avoid using bread crusts as it is unhealthy for the waterfowl). On sunny days, snapping turtles congregate on their favourite log to soak up some sunshine. Keep an eye for them while walking the trail.

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Now available for download, the Trails Brochure is the perfect companion piece when you’re planning your hike. You can also order printed visitor, paddling and trails maps for free!

Fairy Lake
Fairy Lake Trail
Southampton ON Canada
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