Whispering Hills Golf Club

Established in 1925, Whispering Hills Golf Club, is a semi-private golf facility conveniently located on the major highway Bruce county road 4, between the towns of Walkerton and Hanover.  The club offers a massive property size, and extremely well designed championship length full 18-hole golf course, all turfgrass practice range, indoor 60-course PGA top level quality pro simulator, pro shop equipment store, and clubhouse lounge.  Power carts are available by reservation by phoning the pro shop 7 days a week, including all holidays.  Since 1925, when the property was originally built as a private 9-hole golf club, the property has been owned by 5 different families for its almost 100 years of existence, and has now been owned for almost 50 of those years by Veronica and Doug Day and family, since 1977.  The golf club offers some of the lowest prices anywhere in the entire Bruce county area to play, to help out young juniors, and beginner golfers take up this wonderful game of golf – the sport of your entire lifetime.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Benches
  • Cash Only
  • Child Friendly
  • Equipment Rental
  • Family Friendly
  • Open Fall
  • Open Spring
  • Open Summer
  • Open Winter
  • Open Year Round
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Tour Bus Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible Entrance
  • Wheelchair Accessible Washroom
Whispering Hills Golf Club
1144 Bruce Road 4 W
Hanover N4N 3C4
(519) 364-2738
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