people stand up paddle boarding on clear water next to a cliff

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Bruce

When it comes to admiring the peninsula from the water, there is no better perspective than the boards eye view.

Tracing the rugged coastal waters on a stand up paddle board opens up a whole new world of experience. It’s not just the expansive cliffs above the Georgian Bay coastline that steal your eyes, but the under water realm that lies beneath you. 

Relax and enjoy the views.

From the SUP (stand-up paddle board) perspective, the clarity of the water lets you see the aquatic world below with a lucid visibility. On a mirror calm day, the movement of paddling becomes the sensation of flight, as you soar above the rocky formations and cerulean realm beneath you. Each stroke glides you forward, with something to feast your eyes on in every direction. And if you are really lucky, the close observer just might spot a traveling fish below.

On one side of you, the impressive Niagara Escarpment looms above, while the incredible expanse of Georgian Bay stretches beyond the horizon on the other. Standing out on that vast blue space you can’t help but declare–it’s huge. 

Where will you discover?

The many beaches along Lake Huron are ideal for the beginner SUP enthusiast to get on the water. Proper planning and preparation is paramount, as the weather can turn quickly and the water conditions can turn from calm to half-metre waves in a hurry.

For the more experienced stand up paddler, the Peninsula offers some of the best touring in the province. Hands down. With no shortage of secluded beaches and shoreline to explore, you can map a line that suites a half-day, full-day tour or even a SUP overnighter. If down-winding is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. The shorelines of the peninsula offer world class down-wind conditions on a SUP, with over 200km of coast to plan your route.

SUP and snorkeling go together like wine and cheese

Those early morning SUP strokes on Georgian Bay place you in the right location to savour the sunrise. You can catch the mirror calm reflections on the Bay with some SUP-yoga before the sea-breeze picks up.

While the golden hues of a Lake Huron sunset SUP session can be found nowhere else. The waters along the Lake Huron side of the Peninsula are just as dazzling, and just as clear as Georgian Bay. With a bounty of small islands offshore, the SUP explorer has unlimited options for on-water exploration.

Whether you find yourself SUPing on Georgian Bay, or along the Lake Huron coast, you are going to want to bring a mask and snorkel. SUP and snorkeling go together like wine and cheese, along the Peninsula. With so much to see beneath the surface, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to just float on your board and take in that clear view beneath you. 

Safety First.

Be sure to plan according to your skill level. Use proper safety equipment and check the current wind and weather conditions. Let someone know where you intend to paddle, and when you expect to return. Any time you are on the water be prepared to be in the water. Even though it looks tropical, Lake Huron can be frigid. Proper planning will ensure you have a safe and fun experience on your SUP. 

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