Embark on a two-wheeled adventure and mountian bike the Bruce

80 kilometres – countless curves.

Jumps, bumps and the whoops that erupt with every thump – it’s all in a day’s ride through your choice of four mountain bike trails over 80 kilometres. Our blend of rocks, roots and turns comes wrapped in majestic forests, natural undulations and a whole lot of amazing. And to top it off, great food and comfy chairs for tall tales are only a short drive away. Start pedaling…

Where Will Nature Take You?

Imagine the freedom felt when it all comes together out on the tract, when the wind rushes by you and the trees are a blur as you pin the trail in a perfect line, your passion for the sport ignites even more.

Bruce County is a mountain biker’s haven, with trails that show off the region’s ecological diversity and access to technical and varied terrain. It’s why you ride. There’s a little something for everyone from challenging cross country riding to beginner trails for those just picking up the sport.

All in a day’s ride

All trails have a variety of amenities. Our benches and picnic tables are the perfect place to rest up between rides and outhouse washrooms are available seasonally from May to November. Our trails are maintained bi-weekly and have signage throughout helping you match your skills to the level of difficulty found on the property. Be sure to remember your helmet.

Trail Rating Chart

Every cyclist rides at a different level. Some trails may be easier for some riders while others are more difficult. Our trail rating system will give you an idea on what to expect in all our parks. Trail ratings are relative to the level of challenge found on a particular property.  An easy trail at the Lindsay Tract could be more difficult than an easy trail at the Brant because of the unique terrain and the abundance or rock. New riders should develop confidence on easier trails before moving on to more difficult ones. If the trail you’re riding on seems too difficult, get off and walk.

Now available for download, the Trails Map is the perfect companion piece when you’re planning your trip or looking for more ways to explore! Want to become a volunteer with the Trails Crew? Find the Volunteer Application Form and Handbook in the View Downloads or by clicking here: Trails Volunteer Handbook and Trails Volunteer Application Form.

Four Mountain Bike Trail Properties to Choose From

We have four unique trail properties with a combined 60  kilometres of trail to ride. from the rocky Bruce Peninsula to the deciduous valleys of southern Bruce County, you can find an array of open and flowing to tight and technical trail concepts that include alternate lines for the more skilled riders. We even have chariot trails for you and your younger kids to check out! Better yet, our trails are free to use.
Here are our Four Mountain Bike Parks:
Lindsay Tract, near Lion’s Head
Mountain Bike Adventure Park, near Wiarton
Brant Tract, near Paisley
Carrick Tract, near Mildmay

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