Brant Mountain Biking Tract

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The Brant Tract has approximately 20km of trail and is located just south of Paisley on Concession 12. Trails range from tight and technical, to open and flowing concepts, and are able to satisfy beginning riders to the more advanced cross-country rider. While riding the property you will view spectacular vistas of valleys, wetlands and towering pines. Don’t forget to pack bug repellent!

The locals up here like their single track fast, furious and skinny. Some call the Brant the “Single Track Autobahn”. My son calls it the sweetest single track ride in all of Ontario

Season to Ride:July, August and September are the best months to ride the Brant. Most of the trails have a clay base, and are hard packed and fast when dry, while slick and dangerous when wet so please avoid after a heavy rain.
Trail Surface Type:Boardwalks, bridges to mineral soil and clay. Dangerous when wet!
What to Ride:The Brant tract provides great riding opportunities for all ages and skill levels. If you like open and flowing type trails with little challenge or elevation change, then try the Brainbuster, Rabbit Run, Red Pine loop and Rolling ferns. For the more seasoned rider who likes tight and technical trails with lots of elevation change, take the Brainbuster to the Express and over to Devil’s Elbow and through the Shocker and Razor’s Run. For more of a challenge include the Widow Maker and Rick’s retreat. This is a great circuit and is guaranteed to get your heart pounding.

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Every cyclist rides at a different level. Some trails may be easier for some riders whole others are more difficult. Our trail rating system will give you an idea on what to expect in all our parks. New riders should develop confidence on easier trails before moving on to more difficult ones. If the trail you’re riding on seems to difficult, get off and walk. Always ride within your own level of ability, with a helmet on and at your own risk.

Are you wanting to become a volunteer with the Trails Crew? Find the Volunteer Application Form and Handbook by clicking here: Trails Volunteer Handbook and Trails Volunteer Application Form.

Brant Mountain Biking Tract
1300 Concession Rd 12, Brockton, ON N0G 2N0, Canada
Paisley ON Canada
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