Go on a wilderness adventure through Sauble Ski Trail

There is nothing quite like cross country skiing; sliding through the tress silently, with snow falling off the overhead branches is an amazing way to get some exercise.

There’s nothing quite like cross country skiing

Gliding silently through the tress with snow falling off the overhead branches, cross country skiing is an amazing way to get some exercise. Being out in the woods in the winter is a special experience in it’s beautiful and peaceful out there, good for the soul. The ski trails at the Sauble Ski Club are a great place to get the full experience. The Sauble Beach XC Ski Club offers some of the best classic cross country ski trails in Ontario, as well as a variety of snowshoe trails. There are approximately 18 km of groomed ski trails and 14 km of snowshoe trails starting from the Chalet and running through forest areas west of the Rankin River.
Now available for download, the Trails Map is the perfect companion piece when you’re planning your trip or looking for more ways to explore!

A Perfect Outing

For the perfect start to the day wake up at the Sauble River Marina and Resort. Their continental breakfast will load you full of energy for your epic day in the woods.
Then, if you don’t own your own skis, head on over to Thorncrest Outfitters in nearby Southampton or Suntrail Source for Adventure in Hepworth, to pick up some rentals. They’ve got the latest-and-greatest when it comes to gear.
The Sauble Ski Club is located just one kilometre north of Sauble Falls off the Sauble Falls parkway, you can’t miss their parking lot. Throw on your skis and head in.
Your first stop will be the chalet. This rustic cabin is open on weekends throughout the winter and also during Christmas holidays and March break. You can pay the trail fee here.

Saube Beach Cross Country Ski

The friendly people that run the Club will be more than happy to help you choose a route, but not to worry, the trails are well marked. With 18 kilometres of groomed trail, there are plenty of options to choose from. With a variety of different levels of trail for everyone from complete beginners to advanced experts. The trails take you through evergreen forests, hardwood forests and open fields. It’s an incredible piece of property and is stunning in the winter.
After working up a thirst on the trail, be sure to swing by the chalet on the way out for your free cup of cider.

Sauble Beach in the winter

Once you’re had your fill of cross country skiing why not go check out the Sauble Beach sign. Some might argue it’s even more impressive in the winter; mile upon mile of windswept snow, ice and sand create an ever-changing landscape. It’s desolate, but beautiful.
Sauble Beach is a special place all year long. There is so much to do, and so much to see – even in the winter.
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